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Getting Started in Tai Chi/Philosophy

Tai Chi and Chi Kung or Taiji and Qigong, they are the same words pronounced slightly different. These are foreign words to most Westerners although today they are gaining in popularity as more and more people begin to understand the health benefits of these ancient Chinese practices. These two arts are similar and usually practiced together. Both incorporate deep breathing


Chris BurnettGetting Started in Tai Chi/Philosophy

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Master Chen Youze Coming to Ohio

This a video of Master Chen Youze. He will be in Ohio in March and April. He is from the famous Chen Village and is the son of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou. He will be conducting a series of workshops: Push hands, Laojia Yilu, Cannon Fist and 26 competion form.       I have had the pleasure of attending his


Chris BurnettMaster Chen Youze Coming to Ohio

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