Tai Chi for

Martial Arts


Based on the principles of Yin/Yang Every movement in Tai Chi expresses an energy. In our Self Defense and Martial classes we teach how to identify incoming forces and deal with them using the appropriate energy. Some of which are represented by the Primary energies of:

  • Ward Off (Peng)
  •  Roll Back (Lui)
  • Press (JI)
  • Push (An)
  • Pluck (Tsai)
  • Split (Lieh)
  • Elbow (Zhou)
  • Bump (Kao)

In Tai Chi we refrain from using force against force and aspire to the principles of Sticking, joining, leading, borrowing force and issuing. Keeping these in mind a smaller person can use a larger persons’ attack against them. As stated in the Tai Chi Classics we “Use four ounces to move a thousand pounds”. Once one has a grasp on the movements of the form and empty hand techniques we teach weapons
such as:

  • Straight Sword
  • Tai Chi Fan
  • Chen Style Spear
  • Broadsword
  • Kwan Dao

Each weapon gives the practitioner a new skill set that not only applies to the weapon but will give the empty hand techniques a deeper quality.

Chris BurnettTai Chi for Martial Arts