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Medical Qigong, like all Chinese Medicine, looks for the origin of the disease to treat the root of the problem. Often physical ailments stem from emotional imbalances or traumas that if not dealt with in a healthy manner began to manifest themselves in the body. This can lead to stagnation in energy flow, introduction of pathogens, emotional instability, and other health issues. A healer using Medical Qigong can detect and remove stagnation and pathogenic factors from the body. We also energize the organs and the body’s energy centers to promote healing and overall good health. An important part of the treatment plan is also to help the patient examine their habits and lifestyle to see if any changes need to be made for optimal health. Since we want our patients to actually heal and become self-sufficient, we also prescribe Qigong techniques that they can do to put their continued good health in their own hands.

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Treatment includes clearing out stagnation in the bodies’ energy and/or adding energy where the flow is weak. Tonifying the organs, balancing the bodies energetic system and ensuring the overall energy flow is smooth by regulating the flow of energy throughout the meridians (energy pathways) in the arms, legs, torso and head. After a treatment most people report feeling wonderful, refreshed or energized. A great way to release pinned up emotion and trapped energies than can eventually manifest into physical ailments. Along with most treatments we may prescribe exercises that the client can do to take charge of their health and well- being.


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