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Master Chen Youze Push Hands Workshop

At the Arnold in Columbus March 2015 Master Chen Youze explains some push hands fundamentals. Neutralizing, not fighting incoming force with force but allowing it to continue on it’s path connecting to it without disrupting it, guiding it. Using the eight energies Peng, Lui, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao or Ward off, Rollback, Press, Push (settle the wrists), Pluck,


Chris BurnettMaster Chen Youze Push Hands Workshop

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“Why is Tai Chi So Healthy?”

Why is Tai Chi so healthy? If you’ve heard of Tai Chi then chances are you’ve heard about its’ health benefits. In fact I would venture to say that you’ve probably heard more about it being healthy than you have about it being a martial art. The truth is Tai Chi Chuan is and always was a martial art. This


Chris Burnett“Why is Tai Chi So Healthy?”