Interactive Workshop and Martial Arts Discussion

January 9th 2021 2:00 to 4:00pm


I will share my insights on the subjects listed. I will also be demonstrating some techniques that I believe you will benefit from using Trevor as my Uke. Feel free to discuss those techniques and ask any questions on variables etc. We will then demonstrate those as well. I will also share a few Tai Chi techniques that can counter mainstream MMA and grappling. If you have a partner available to practice with during the session that will be great but it’s not necessary!
1. Wu De (martial code)-Respect, Humility, Trust, Virtue, and Honor. Does honor still exist in MA?
2. Internal MA and external MA comparison
3. Basics- stances, footwork, striking,
4. Types of martial arts, Striking based, grappling based, weapons based
5. Styles should include Ti, Da, Shuai, Na (theory of elimination)
6. Chin Na/practicality
7. Personal training- my style, how to get your Tai Chi or Kung Fu to work in a non compliant setting
8. Actual fighting concepts-
9. Cultivating a practice that gets results- What goals are important to you? Tools for your toolbox
10. Mystical techniques versus Hard combat (What is real?

Cost is $30.00

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