Sifu Alsup Ohio Workshop

Saturday August 28th/Sunday August 29th

10am til 2pm both days

  • Breathwork and Energy work. Learn many ways to breath that increase quality of life with anxiety, stress, depression, range of motion, tension etc.
  • Tai Chi Body Mechanics. Will help your flexibility, mobility and understanding deeper on how Tai Chi effects our body.
  • What Applications work well and what doesn’t in real time. This is to weed out the false techniques that will get you hurt in a street fight and represent the ones that will help you tremendously in a dangerous situation.
  • Footwork for fighting and defense. Learn how not to get tripped up if you have to fight. What’s the best place to be?
  • Takedown defense, Technical standups. You’re not impervious to being taken to the ground, so what will you do if you are and how can Tai Chi save your life while doing so?

Location: TBA

Cost: $75 for one day  OR  $150 for Both   (Click your choice to register)

Annual Picnic

We are having our Annual Picnic Sunday August 29th.  Everyone is welcome to attend. If you plan on coming please RSVP and let me know if you can bring a dish or side dish. We will have ribs and chicken on the grill. Food service will be done with gloves and sanitizer on hand.

The picnic will begin at 2:00pm. For those who will be attending the Sifu Nick Alsup workshop we will go from 10am til 2pm and then the picnic will begin at that time. For those coming to the picnic only, we will start at 2 and go til about 4 or 5.
As customary, during the picnic we will practice forms and demonstrate weapons as well as push hands. Of course since we will be eating you do not have to participate in any of the other activities, you can just relax and enjoy!
Location: Euclid Creek reservation, Rear Quarry picnic area
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